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CSV file-handling in C++

This is a C++ source code release. It provides classes to load and process CSV files within a C++ application. Conversion from string input to a plain-old-datatype is handled using boost::any.

The data can be processed column-by-column or row-by-row.

Facilities are provided for filtering, sorting and partitioning. All of these can be implemented with STL algorithms.

The documents presented here were generated from the source using Doxygen and provide full source viewing and many notes on the design and use of the system.

PERL web-server and C++ pipe-reading daemon

The PERL web-server is a module from CPAN. An implementation class has been added to it that demonstrates how files can be accepted using HTTP POST and passed to a C++ demon via a pipe.

Cygwin SSH from VBA

Some VBA code has been provided to illustrate how to invoke Cygwin BASH and SSH commands from within a VBA macro.

This package is a workbook of sample code to do these sort of things.

You can use the Cygwin BASH VBA code to copy data to a pipe on shared drive and the C++ server will process it and write the output to another pipe, which the VBA code will collect.

If you were to use a web-server, the workbook includes some sample VBA to use HTTP POST and the Base64 encoding functions.

You would then adjust the provided CGI scripts and set-up the PERL web-server (or add the CGI scripts to your existing server). Those scripts can work with the pipe-reading daemon.

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