Cygwin from VBA

Invoking a BASH shell from VBA is not well-supported by Excel 2003. The Run command is a bit limited. This VBA sample shows how to use a .CMD file to set up parameters and call BASH.


If you have a web-server you can post data to it using VBA. Excel VBA provides a Query object, for interrogating web-servers. It doesn't allow for an HTTP POST command to sent with it. This sample VBA shows how to make an HTTP POST command, collect a ticket from the server in reply then wait on the server in a QueryObject.

Quoted-Printable and Base64 encoding

VBA doesn't provide a means of formatting strings to be suitable for a URL. (This is the quoted printable format.) VBA does support Base64 encoding, so you could send parameters as a Base64 encoded string. Some VBA illustrates this.
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